A Simple Key For the strain Unveiled

She went on On this strain right up until I started to are convinced I'd longed for this chance, and experienced hailed it with joy.

Under Robert Clever's route, this tale of microbiological Armageddon unfolds with this sort of perfectly metered suspense that with the one centesimal viewing, you STILL end up glued in your couch. You need to see the way it turns out, even though you by now know.

A crack workforce of prime scientists do the job feverishly within a key, state-of-the-art laboratory to find out what has killed the citizens of a little city and learn how this fatal contagion might be stopped.

use, employ, use, utilise, make use of - put into company; make get the job done or make use of for a certain reason or for its inherent or pure function; "make use of your head!"; "we only use Spanish in the home"; "I can't use this Software"; "Apply a magnetic area in this article"; "This considering was applied to lots of projects"; "How can you benefit from this Device?

strain - come to be stretched or tense or taut; "the bodybuilder's neck muscles tensed;" "the rope strained when the weight was hooked up"

Common work out is revealed to lessen the potential risk of acquiring RSI.[thirteen] Physicians sometimes propose that RSI sufferers interact in distinct strengthening routines, as an example to improve sitting posture, cut down extreme kyphosis, and perhaps thoracic outlet here syndrome.

labor, labour, tug, force, travel - strive and make an effort and hard work to succeed in a purpose; "She tugged for years for making a good residing"; "We really have to press just a little to generate the deadline!"; "She's driving away at her doctoral thesis"

aspect, voice - the melody carried by a certain voice or instrument in polyphonic tunes; "he attempted to sing the tenor element"

issues - a condition or point out of affairs Virtually beyond a person's ability to cope with and requiring terrific work to bear or defeat; "grappling with monetary challenges"

1. force exerted; Can nylon ropes acquire much more strain when compared to the outdated kind of rope?. trekkrag شَد، إلتِواء обтягане esforço napětí die Spannung belastning ζόρισμα tensión, presión koormus فشار kuormitus traction, rigidityעומס प्रयास, परिश्रम napor igénybevétel regangan álag tensione, sforzo 引っ張り 긴장, 압력 įtempimas spriegojums; nostiepums; slodze beban spanningstramming; belastning, påkjenning naprężenie فشار esforço tracţi­une, tensiune нагрузка napätie napetost, obremenitev natezanje belastning, påfrestning การทำให้ตึง yük, ağırlık 拉力 натягання; розтягування بوجھ اٹھانا trạng thái căng 拉力

strain - a Specific number of domesticated animals inside a species; "he experimented on a particular breed of white rats"; "he developed a new strain of sheep"

purely natural philosophy, physics - the science of subject and Strength as well as their interactions; "his favourite topic was physics"

In a company-managed upcoming, an extremely-violent Activity known as Rollerball represents the earth, and one among its strong athletes is out to defy people that want him from the sport.

إجْهاد، إرْهاقأنْغامجُهْدرَضُّ العَضَلَهسُلالَه، نَوْع

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